Level 2 Blush Lay Down Beach 4


The Solaris offers 44 – 100 watt Blush lamps.  These lamps are a combination of UV and Red Light and is a great way to ease into wellness treatment while tanning. These lamps are compassionate to your skin by stimulating more oxygen and increasing blood flow. They produce gentler results and the UVB helps boost melanin and vitamin D production while also providing red light benefits.

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Note: includes use of level 2 bed ONLY

  • Siesta Club Members – $39 per month
  • 30 Day Pass – $69 per month
  • 6 Session Package – $59
  • Per Minute – 90 cents per minute | 15 minute maximum
  • Per Session – $13.50 per session | 15 minute maximum

Full Description

Siesta Club Memberships are subject to a one time $39 Administration fee. Membership is minimum 6 consecutive months by EFT  Please bring in banking information to complete at store level. Please also pay at store level to calculate prorated rate for the remainder of current month.
* All prices are subject to applicable taxes * Prices may change without notice *  
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