Level 4 Stand Up Tanning Bed Beach 1 and 2


The Essence stand up gives excellent, quick surround tanning with 48 – 200 watt lamps. Full length handles inside make it easier to stand in the ideal tanning position. The Essence offers a spacious interior for comfortable freedom of movement while tanning. Top mounted body fan ensures a pleasant temperature during session.

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Note: includes use of level 2 to 4 beds

  • Siesta Club Members – $59 per month
  • 30 Day Pass – $89 per month
  • 6 Session Package – $72
  • Per Minute – $1.60 per minute | 9 minute maximum
  • Per Session – $14.40per session | 9 minute maximum

Full Description

Siesta Club Memberships are subject to a one time $39 Administration fee. Membership is minimum 6 consecutive months by EFT Please bring in banking information to complete at store level. Please also pay at store level to calculate prorated rate for the remainder of current month.
* All prices are subject to applicable taxes * Prices may change without notice *  
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